viernes, 4 de julio de 2008


That pretty is to dream, since it wanted that all the dreams were like that

Delicious rice with milk.......

Rice with Milk

1 cup of rice
2 water cups
7 cups of milk
2 pieces of cinnamon in branch of approximately 5 centimeters of length each one
2 cups of sugar
1/2 teaspoonful of salt cinnamon in powder.


1.- puts the rice in a colander of wire and under current water he washes very well, squeezing it, until the water works out transparent. It slips.

2. In a heavy pot it puts on the rice with the water. It he removes to a boiling, re-turns and is cooked for 7 minutes, until the rice begins to moderate and the water almost has been consumed.

3. it joined by the milk and the pieces of cinnamon. It he removes to a boiling, puts to medium fire and approximately 15 are cooked to 16 minutes until the rice moderates, re-returning often with spoon of wood.

4. One adds the sugar and is cooked for 30 minutes. One adds the salt and 1 is cooked ó 2 more minutes, re-returning often.

5. move back to the fire, is spilt in a flat mold of glass and is dusted by cinnamon ground above. It he is served preferably lukewarm or to the temperature set.

***Good profit***

Places that I dream to know..........

***I want to go to sao paulo- Brazil to visit my family, I have years without seeing them***

***I want to go miami - florida to make true my dream of knowing his beautiful beaches***

***I want to go to Isla de margarita to enjoy of its pretty water`s park***

***I want to travel to new york to see the statue of Liberty***

Differences from apartments............

Aparment A

It has a many bedrooms as aparment B.
The bedrooms are big.
The closets are big.
It´s cheaper than aparment B.
The Aparment A is dark.

Aparment B
It has many bedrooms as aparment A.
The livingroom is huge.
The bedrooms are too small.
it doesn`t has enought closet space.
It´s not as cheap as aparment A.
It´s bright and moderm is in a safe neighborhood.

jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

My house....... GOOD

Here I present my house.

Slightly big, very comfortable, pretty, impeccable and illuminated. My house is very closed for having integral air, with a garage and a wide enough porch, is very clean and visit for neighbor. It has three (3) quarters with closeth, a bathroom, kitchen, washer, dining room and room of being, and the most important is the porch.

Very importantly " the variety of colors that has my house, orange and white, I am charmed with my house I am very happy for having it"............

My dream to live in miami.................

With a mansion. Very beautiful, with sight to the sea, of 3 floors and spectacular.
Very humble I want to live with many persons who attend me the whole day without getting up of the bed only to work...
very important that the house has, quarters to choose, room of being, dining room, an enormous kitchen and everything related to a mansion.....

viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

My Rabbit!!!!!

His name is juan but each one calls it juanchi, is my life I love it too much, it he lives with me or I do not change it into anything it is the stage that I begin as mother .... jajajaja

I want that they know it and do a nice commentary to me it hebrings over of my juanchi..

Juanchi I love youuuuuuuuuu......................